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There is a War against Women … Revolution is the Only Solution

There is a War against Women … Revolution is the Only Solution

There is an unceasing war against women! It is a global war with a long history. Women are attacked, abused and slaughtered with weapons of social oppression and suppression. The most rabid and varied kinds of ideological wars has been waged against them by old religious scriptures and modern education and pseudo-science as well as film industry and social media.

Raping women in family, on campuses, in demonstrations and gang raping them in street corners everywhere in the world; state-imposed veiling and birthing in Iran; honor killing in the Arab world, Asia and Africa from Iran, Jordan, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Turkey to Nigeria; auctioning women in sex and porn industry in the so- called advanced capitalist imperialist countries; kidnapping girls from villages of Nepal, Cambodia, India and selling them to prostitution ghettos; considering women as “national womb” of the fascist army in Israel; opening Islamic sex slave markets called “marriage of Jihad” by Islamic warlords in the Middle East and African regions; spreading the culture of hate against women …

Women’s oppression is one of the starkest and the most intense expressions of the crimes that the capitalist system dishes out to humanity. The oppression of women is a concentrated expression of the fundamental contradiction of the capitalist system – that is, contradiction between social production of wealth and private appropriation of it. This means that few billions of people produce all wealth but few hundred individuals control and decide what to produce, how to produce and what to do with socially produced wealth. In 2015 close to 6 billion – that is, ninety percent of humanity—will be touched by the austerity policies of the states, IMF and World Bank. An overwhelming majority of this 6 billion will not only be touched but will be crushed by those policies. Most will be women.

Two Outmodeds … Liers

It is not surprising that women’s status in society plays such a pivotal role in the ideological war between the Islamic fundamentalists and Imperialists. Both of these obsolete forces claim to be the advocates of “women’s liberation”. Obscurantist Islamic fundamentalists have reserved a place for women/mothers in their “heaven” if they fatefully accept their enslaved position as subhuman, if they cover their body and face and demonstrate their willing submission to male domination, to be their sexual objects and offspring producers. The imperialist powers see in the oppression of women an opportunity to market their modern day slavery -- a combination of old religious enslavement and modern capitalist innovations of this submission. In the countries of the West, the outcome has been more porn industry and forced motherhood while in the countries trampled by Imperialist armies such as in Iraq and Afghanistan the outcome has been more veiling and Islamic fundamentalism.

These two reactionary and imperialist outmoded forces have tried hard to recruit women on their sides. This should not come as a surprise to us. Women’s oppression is such a decisive fault line in the social systems guarded and enforced by the imperialists and Islamic fundamentalists that they both have to work ideologically, politically and organizationally in order to prevent this social chasm from exploding into a revolutionary upheaval.

Looking broadly at the expanse of human history we can see the fact that the social system which functions by dividing human beings into exploiters and exploited, into oppressors nations and oppressed nations, into men and women, into those working with their minds and those working with their hands … is a relatively new chapter in human social history and there is nothing eternal about it. But those benefiting from this stratified society have invented views in order to legitimise and show it to be a ‘natural’ phenomenon and not a socially organised one. Religious ideology is one of the oldest of such inventions.

Religion sanctions and sanctifies private property and even human beings owning other human beings as well as women’s submission to male domination and to the ways the whole class society functions. The exploiting classes—be it the slave owning classes or the landlord and the capitalists throughout history have spread and thought enslavement of women through scriptures, education system, cultures, media. In this way oppressive relations and old ideas have spread their tentacles among the oppressed people as well. Even most of women have submitted to their conditions of oppression. Women must be called upon to break with this submission and the men amongst the oppressed and exploited classes must be challenged to break with old ideas, discard religious and traditional views on women and denounce patriarchal relations. Islam and tradition in the so- called Islamic countries has always been legitimizers of women’s oppression. Islamic morality and values break women’s spirit and sense of being full human beings. Not only Islam but all religions are anchored in patriarchy. All religions are rooted in exploitation of human beings by human beings -- starting with slavery and continuing today’s capitalist society.

Today humanity has arrived at a juncture that has to do away not only with patriarchy but the whole class- divided social system. Against religious values, morality, ideas there is only one real alternative which is the communist values, morality and ethics. This is so because the future communist society will not be a society based on exploitation of human beings by human beings, patriarchy and national oppression.

Disastrous Polarization

Despite these horrendous conditions, there is not enough resistance and struggle against power structures, relations and ideas that enforce women’s subjugation. What is even worse is that a big section of those women who move to assert their humanity and make society to recognize them as such get caught up in the vicious cycle of choosing between Islamic fundamentalisms or imperialist inspired model of women’s liberation. This is the same dynamic that has derailed major social upheavals in the recent past. For example in Egypt people succeeded to remove the hated regime of Mubarak. This event imbued hearts of tens of millions around the world with joy. But soon the people ended up supporting the Islamic forces. And later they were pulled under the wing of the fascist generals. Finally the masses were marginalized and viciously suppressed. Or in Tunisia the heroic rising of the masses against Ben Ali sparked the amazing “Arab Spring”. But it did not develop into a revolution. In the end the old regime returned to power. Or today we see how the most daring and inspiring women’s armed uprising against Daesh (ISIS) in Kobani has been maneuvered, with the help of Kurdish bourgeois nationalist forces, into the larger strategy of the US imperialists in the Middle East.

While challenging these two arch patriarchal poles of the prevailing capitalist imperialist system, a libratory alternative must be put forward. The only viable and real alternative to these forces and the whole structure of capitalist imperialist world is a revolutionary communist goal and program and the corresponding road to achieve it. The just anger and outrage of women can and should link up with this emancipatory road. Women in the Middle East and North Africa can and should build a model women’s movement for revolution which would inspire not only the women of the world and their struggles but all oppressed and exploited peoples of the world.

Women’s oppression has objectively become one of the most important issues of the world and increasingly becomes more intense – especially in the Middle East and North Africa. The fate of this region very much depends on the role women’s struggle for emancipation will play. We must struggle hard not to allow this colossal pent up energy to be harnessed by reactionary and reformist political programs and visions into the channels of the existing order. Rather, women’s struggle it should become a vanguard of a new period of radical revolutionary struggles in the Middle East, North Africa and the world over.

Battle for Communism, New Beginning and Women’s Emancipation

It is not an exaggeration to say that development of a new stage of communist revolutions will be closely linked and in synergy with revolutionary developments in women’s liberation movement around the world. Women who rebel fearlessly against their oppression can and should become fighters for overthrowing the old state powers and for the goal of uprooting the totality of the present political, economic, social and ideological social system of capitalism and open the gates for establishing socialist societies and for the whole humanity to build a communist world. Humanity urgently needs thousands of revolutionary communist thinkers, leaders and commanders to arise from the heart of women’s explosion against this rotten world and its guardians.

Those women, who break their chains but also aspire to go beyond it and fight for a radically different world, need the science of revolution – that is, Marxism – to guide them through this path. They need to discover the true history of socialist revolutions of 20th century. These revolutions – first in Russia and then in China-- radically changed the course of history because for the first time they introduced the only way possible for humanity to overthrow private property, state and family. Those revolutions did not last long and were defeated by the more powerful forces of world capitalist imperialism. But even if short lived, they showed a glimpse of the future which is possible. Those revolutions, achieved unprecedented feats in liberation of hundreds of millions of women from the bondage of patriarchy in matters of a few years. We need to confront and defeat the political and ideological campaigns that is being waged against communism. We need to confront and expose all theoretical cannons that have dismissed out of hand communism and revolution.

The fight against states which safeguard the patriarchal class society with their armies and ideological machines is a bloody, protracted and complex one. It requires theory, road map and disciplined organization which can only be a revolutionary communist party. Wherever there is no such a party, women and men must form it and in their effort they should rely on the world historic experience of the first stage of communist revolutions (which began with the Paris Commune in the latter part of the 19th century and ended with restoration of capitalism in the socialist China in 1976). These experiences have been thoroughly studied; their achievements as well as their shortcomings have been scientifically summed up by Bob Avakian, whose efforts have led to a New Synthesis of the whole body of Marxist theories. Therefore, new communist parties have the opportunity to be built on the basis of a science of revolution which is sharper and more correct. Our Party considers its internationalist duty to assist all early communist birds of every country to do so and get on with such a heavy but inspiring task. Together we should rise fearlessly to the challenge of opening the gates for new stage of communist revolutions in the world. We should be fearless because we are billions and we don’t have anything to lose but our chains and we have a world to win.

Communist party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) - March 2015               

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 There is a War against Women - Revolution is the Only Solution
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