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There never was a golden age to go back to

A short description of the Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)


The Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) was founded on May 1st 2001 in continuation and development of the Union of the Communists of Iran (Sarbedaran). The Union of the Communists of Iran itsef was founded by a group of revolutionary communists in exile in 1976. The UCI led the Sarbedaran armed uprising in the city of Amol (in Northern Iran) in 1981 with the goal of overthrowing the Islamic Republic of Iran. In 1982, the organization was nearly destroyed as a result of nationwide military-security assaults of the Islamic regime against UCI. The leaders and main cadres of UCI were arrested and executed. But the remaining comrades started the tortuous process of reorganization which finally led to formation of the Communist Party of Iran (MLM) in 2001.

The CPIMLM is a political party for leading the proletariat and the masses in making socialist revolution in Iran. CPIMLM is an internationalist party. Therefore, leading the socialist revolution in Iran is part of its internationalist task of helping the advance of the single process of world revolution.

The political system of future socialist society will express the will of the majority of people. The state in this country will be radically different than all existing states of the world and it will be responsive to people, based on clear principles and laws. Its economic system will gear towards producing material needs of the people and not for profit making. Contrary to capitalist economy, private ownership of the means of production will not be sacred and will be socialized. Abolition of all forms of exploitation and social distinctions will be the goal leading the society. Social privileges such as male supremacy and national chauvinism will be done away with. In that society there will be freedom of expression, publication and artistic creation. These spheres will develop and unfold through many new and exciting approaches. Contrary to capitalism, socialist economy will protect the environment and will deliver the Earth to the next generation even richer and healthier than before. Culture and ideas which propagate and justify privilege and economic and social stratification of people, nations, genders and races, as well as religion will not have any role in administration and workings of the future society and in its political and economic system.

Victory in such revolution will depend on communist leadership as well as revolutionizing big sections of the proletariat and other oppressed and exploited masses of the society Therefore, the party must bring this consciousness to masses that communist revolution is the only solution for liberation of humanity from class society and on that basis organize their forces in many forms to fight for this solution.

The goal of socialist society is to fight for establishing communism in the world. A world in which there will not be borders. National antagonism and wars, hunger and greed, denigration and suppression, law and state as well as party will only be read in books. What will connect billions of people of the Earth will no longer be money and commodity exchange but conscious and voluntary cooperation of people for production of our common needs. In this way, at last, humanity will realize its old longings to live its social life directly and without such mediums.


New Developments

The Union of Communists of Iran who forged this party came close to its destruction in its fight against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Determination and decision of the party in carrying out its tasks haven given it the motivation to withstand bloody attacks and suppressions without retreating from its libratory goals and revolutionary communist stands. This has given it the motivation and power of rupturing from the old ideas and positions which are no longer correct or some which were never correct. This is the only revolutionary party in the Left movement of Iran who has in every stage of its development summed up its practice and theory and has explicitly recognized its errors and have made self criticism whenever necessary.

The Marxist-Leninist-Maoist suffix at the end of our partys name has meant to underline that this party has not eliminated none of the socialist experiences of 20th century and theoretical developments of Marxism by Lenin and Mao and that contrary to all other currents of the communist movement of Iran, it has upheld those achievements and relied on them for advancing. But the CPIMLM is also aware of the need to develop communist theories. Since 2006 the CPIMLM has tried to re-examine the basic theoretical models and concepts dominant within the ICM and clarify its position on those issues. As part of the same process the Program and Statute of CPIMLM has been reviewed. These reviews will be released to the public as soon as possible. This re-examination will include the socio-economic analysis of the country and the path of revolution in Iran. The results of these studies will be published in the facebook of the party.


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